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An Open Letter To Apple

I just sent this letter to Apple’s feedback page:

I have now owned two iPods: A 4th generation Nano, and a current generation Classic. My Nano I bought as a refurbished unit, and I was pleased with it- that is, until the warranty had just expired. Around 13 months old, it started to shut off randomly. Simply pressing play would restart the music. It became more and more frequent until, around roughly 18 months old, it couldn’t make it through a single song without shutting off. Because I also own a Macbook, which I have been happy with, I chalked it up to bad luck, and purchased my iPod Classic.

Unfortunately, it appears that perhaps the problem is more systemic than bad luck. Once again, just past the warranty period, my iPod has started shutting off at random (this time it’s mere weeks past the warranty!). I hope you understand that this makes me question whether I will again purchase an Apple product. My Macbook is five years old, so it will need to be replaced soon, but if iPods are indicative of the quality that you find acceptable, then I absolutely cannot consider another Mac. It’s disappointing as well given that I’ve invested considerable time and money in the Apple “ecosystem”, if you will, including many iTunes purchases, but given that your quality seems uncertain at best, I must refrain from even those, since I’m not sure that my digital future is going to include Apple.

I feel as though the “Cult of Apple” has been supporting them blindly for several years now, and I wonder if they’re poised to be overtaken by the next big thing (whatever that may be). The lifespan of technology being what it is now, maybe most people genuinely don’t care if their tech only lasts a year, but I frankly find that unacceptable. I am a man of modest means, and I can’t afford to keep investing in new technology every year. If (when) this computer eventually goes, I may end up going back to a Linux based PC.