I am an existential Christian. This blog is simply a place for me to express myself on subjects that I might not normally have an outlet for. Some of these things might include Christianity, economics, music, politics. I have no formal training on any of these subjects, or really on anything at all. In fact, I only have a high school education. It is up to you to decide how to respond to what I write, and if you have something to say, feel free to comment.


2 responses to “About”

  1. necessaryandpropergovt says :

    Dude, it’s time for you to reappear.
    – Jeff

    • The Existential Christian says :

      Hi Jeff! Good to hear from you. I’ve gone through some life changes recently, such as buying a house and switching jobs. I even didn’t have internet for a few months (except through my phone)! However, I’m hoping once the dust settles a bit, I can get back into it.

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