Bonus Quote Of The Day

This comes from the American Wood Council, which publishes the Wood Frame Construction Manual, a building code that my town is required to use:


To increase the use of wood by assuring the broad regulatory acceptance of wood products, developing design tools and guidelines for wood construction, and influencing the development of public policies affecting the use and manufacture of wood products.

There is a clear conflict of interest when an organization stands to gain financially by having its own standards adopted universally. 


2 responses to “Bonus Quote Of The Day”

  1. necessaryandpropergovt says :

    Brings to mind 2 things:
    1) This is why most large businesses actually quietly like big govt — because they can cope with it more efficiently (due to economy of scale) than small businesses. Uphill battle for the little guys.
    2) Wasn’t there a high-end custom guitar artisan shop recently forced out of business by the EPA or FTC for using exotic imported wood? Guess they ran afoul of the bully/lobbying tactics of the American Wood Council, huh?

    – Jeff

  2. The Existential Christian says :

    You are spot on with number one. Case in point: Walmart has in the past lobbied for increased minimum wage, knowing that they are already paying above the minimum in most cases, and the increase will likely hurt their competitors. I think that is a point that many people miss, and if government, particularly the Federal government, didn’t dole out favors then we would have a stronger, more robust and less centralized economy. There would still be large firms, of course, but smaller businesses would be on a stronger footing to compete and we would be less prone to systemic shocks.

    In number two, you’re referencing Gibson, which weren’t put out of business, but they were fined heavily. They were raided (twice) under authorization of the Lacey Act. Here’s a video about it from Reason:

    The wood they used was Indian Rosewood, which is used by virtually every electric guitar company. The issue is that they were importing the raw wood, and making the fretboards themselves as opposed to importing already made fretboards. Somehow importing raw wood made them run afoul of the Feds. Incidentally, the CEO of Gibson had donated a few hundred thousand dollars to the GOP. I’m sure that wasn’t related, however 😛

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