But What Would We Do Without a Postal Service?

I recently bought two items on Ebay, one coming from Oregon, and the other from New Jersey. They were both shipped on the same day, the one from Oregon through UPS ground service, and the other through the Postal Service. Despite New Jersey only being about a 6 hour drive from here, the package is still going to take a week to get here, so the one coming from Oregon through a private carrier will cross the entire country in the same amount of time.

Why isn’t UPS allowed to carry mail again?


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4 responses to “But What Would We Do Without a Postal Service?”

  1. Kurt says :

    They are, it just costs a lot more.

  2. aspiedave says :

    I am not sure they would want to. But they shouldn’t have any laws against it.

    • The Existential Christian says :

      I actually think it’s likely that they would want to deliver mail. They already have a service, UPS Mail Innovations, that does as much of the mailing work as they can without actually running afoul of the legislation. They also offer mail boxes in their UPS stores. I think if they were allowed they would gladly compete.

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