I’ve Been Meaning To Write a Post On Boston…

. . . but Ron Paul beat me to it.

As someone who lives in Massachusetts, I was horrified not only by the lockdown and unwarranted searches of innocent people’s homes, but also by people’s blase’ attitude towards it all. It is truly a non-issue for most people in my area. But at least Dunkin’ was open.

While watching CNN one morning, I took note of a soldier walking down a Boston street in full camo with a bomb sniffing dog. Full camo… in an urban setting. What exactly was he supposed to be blending in with again?

I can’t help but feel that a police state of a uniquely American flavor is coming, and it will be welcomed with open arms by the citizenry.


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3 responses to “I’ve Been Meaning To Write a Post On Boston…”

  1. Adam Ziarnik says :

    I too was quite amazed with how it seemed like the entire city of Boston was shut down so that the police could hunt for the bombers. Never have I seen anything like that in America. The only thing more disappointing was the lack of outcry from the affected citizens.

    • The Existential Christian says :

      Yes, the silence was deafening regarding the lack of outcry. I live only an hour from Boston, and the police response frightens me far more than the bombing does. Yes, the bombing is scary, and was a very public event, but practices and habits were formed by the police and government while they were attempting to apprehend the suspects, and those will have much more far reaching ramifications than the bombing did directly.

      • Adam Ziarnik says :

        Not to sound like a pessimist, but I fear we will see similar behavior in future incidents.

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