MA Wants To Overturn Citizen’s United

According to, the MA legislature has called for a constitutional amendment repealing the Citizens United ruling. I have several thoughts, not least of which is wondering why I still choose to live here (it’s not ’cause its cheap!). But deeper than that, I wonder if they realize that the ruling was based on the First Amendment. No, I mean, really. Does freedom of speech suddenly get revoked when a group of individuals voluntarily organize together?

I find it interesting that so often in our government individuals are ignored or trampled upon because they’re only being seen in aggregates, while a legitimate collective’s voice is seen as illegitimate and threatening.

Yes, I get it. Corporations wield a lot of power, have a lot of money, and as such have a lot of influence. However, if you’re going to stomp on free speech of corporations, that same rule must be applied to labor unions, PACs, newspapers, magazines, churches, and just about any other group of people. Is that really what the MA legislature wants? The cynic in me thinks so, but at least on the surface no one would ever admit it.

The whole purpose of the First Amendment was to protect citizens who openly criticized government from retribution. It serves no purpose if something as basic as uniting with other citizens nullifies it. You may not like what someone has to say, and you may not agree with it but you are under no obligation to act upon it. Are we really to believe that the populace is merely clay, formed by whatever media they happen to be subjected to in their day to day lives?

To put it more frankly: Are we really that dumb?


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