Grab Some Popcorn

Because I’m pretty sure that’s all we can do at this point:

Making layoffs expensive

Schumpeter talked about the “creative destruction” of capitalism; essentially, that resources are constantly being reallocated and as a result businesses are always rising or failing. This is important to understand, because whether a business is profitable or not is a determination of how well it uses its resources. If a business is essentially prohibited from making decisions on how to efficiently use it resources, it will fail. The ones that don’t fail will be stagnant, and will probably be large corporations, as noted in the article. Those corporations eventually won’t be able to survive without government support, thus adding even more inefficiency to the system. It might be quicker just to round up everybody’s cash and burn it in a smoldering heap, except the paper isn’t worth anything anyways so I guess that wouldn’t really accomplish much.

The dynamism of capitalism is what allows people to flourish, because it is able to react to changing needs/ wants in society. To restrict that movement increases inefficiency and ultimately wastes resources and will end up harming the very people they’re trying to help. But what else is new?


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